Neuro XPF ISOTERP™ CBD Vape 1500mg


Healing Without the High

Neuro Armour™ manufactures its vape / drip product with ISOTERP™ CBD oil bonded to glycerin, using absolutely NO propylene glycol.

Available in 300, 500, 1000 and 1500mg


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This special process unleashes the flavonoids and terpenes of Neuro XPF Vape / Drip. Without question, Neuro XPF is the best tasting and most bio-available and fastest acting vape product in the industry.

• Made with ISOTERP™ CBD
• Natural Plant Terpenes
• Ultra-Purified, De-waxed
• Nothing Artificial
• No Propylene Glycoling vape product in the industry

Sport Approved

Neuro XPF™ utilizes ISOTERP™ CBD in all of it’s products. ISOTERP™ CBD goes through several extraction processes to remove all THC (psychoactive chemical) and isolate the CBD compound. Once all traces of THC have been removed, great care is used to reunite the natural plant terpenes and other synergistic cannabinoids. Terpenes and cannabinoids, with their wide-range of therapeutic attributes, support health that “CBD-only” products typically lack. ISOTERP™ CBD keep intact the natural synergistic qualities that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral support, making products that utilize ISOTERP™ CBD , like Neuo XPF™, perfect for all athletes.

Additional information

Additional information


Neuro XPF




1500 mg

Size ml

30 ml

Additional attributes

Zero THC, Sales & Discounts

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